Past Lives and non-linear digressions

Welcome friends and strangers, My husband has been hounding me for months about starting a blog.  Being techno-impaired, (I actually once picked up the telephone thinking it was a remote for the TV)  I balked, resisted, fretted and said, "NO way." And after writing two books about children's past lives for commercial publication, which is a grueling process of writing, editing, writing, editing, writing, editing  (I think you get the idea), I was hesitant to start another writing project.

But recently my dear friends, Trish and Rob MacGregor, started a  blog on synchronicity as a tie-in for a new book they're writing.  (Check it out: Synchronicity Blog). I liked reading their stories so much that it convinced me that having a blog could actually be fun.   It wouldn't require lots of thought, work, or editing.  Perfect!

I've been working as a past life therapist for adults for more than 20 years, and spending as many years doing research of children's memories.  I constantly get new stories  I'd love to share with others.  Occasionally, I have moments of insight into the process of reincarnation that I know I should write down for a future book or article.  But sometimes that never happens, or I lose the napkin I wrote on.  I'm realizing this is the perfect medium for getting these ideas down, saving them, and sharing them.

Honestly, I think that some of these stories will blow your socks off, or at least get you thinking about reincarnation and past lives.

I hope you enjoy these true stories as much as I do.