Child's Case Going Viral

This case is going viral!  It was first published in Trutz Hardo's book, Children Who Have Lived Before, in 2000, along with two cases from my book, Children's Past Lives.  He featured my son Chase's case and another one from a little girl who had vivid and fond recollections of a past-life grandmother. There have been other published cases of children remembering being murdered, and in some cases, identifying their murderers!  I had one of these cases a few years ago of a two-year-old boy from Ohio who was the reincarnation of his father, who had been murdered a short time before his son was born.  The police were never able to solve the case, but this child remembered the circumstances of his most recent death and gave his mother some clues as to what happened that dreadful night when her husband died.  It's an unusual case because the father was murdered while his wife was pregnant (yes, this is possible), and the child remembered details about the murder no one knew, including the name of the man who last saw the victim alive.  The mother didn't wish to pursue this with police, or want me to go public with the case, because she felt it would be too traumatic for her son and her family.

You can find more amazing cases of children's memories in my two books, and current cases unfolding on my Past Life Forum, which you can enter through this website.

3-Year-Old Remembers Past Life, Identifies Murderer and Location of Body

By Tara MacIsaac, Epoch Times | May 17, 2014


A 3-year-old boy in the Golan Heights region near the border of Syria and Israel said he was murdered with an axe in his previous life. He showed village elders where the murderer buried his body, and sure enough they found a man’s skeleton there. He also showed the elders where the murder weapon was found, and upon digging, they did indeed found an axe there.

In his book, “Children Who Have Lived Before: Reincarnation Today,” German therapist Trutz Hardo tells this boy’s story, along with other stories of children who seem to remember their past lives with verified accuracy. The boy’s story was witnessed by Dr. Eli Lasch, who is best known for developing the medical system in Gaza as part of an Israeli government operation in the 1960s. Dr. Lasch, who died in 2009, had recounted these astounding events to Hardo.

The boy was of the Druze ethnic group, and in his culture the existence of reincarnation is accepted as fact. His story nonetheless had the power to surprise his community.

He was born with a long, red birthmark on his head. The Druse believe, as some other cultures do, that birthmarks are related to past-life deaths. When the boy was old enough to talk, he told his family he had been killed by a blow to the head with an axe.

It is customary for elders to take a child at the age of 3 to the home of his previous life if he remembers it. The boy knew the village he was from, so they went there. When they arrived in the village, the boy remembered the name he had in his past life.

A village local said the man the boy claimed to be the reincarnation of had gone missing four years earlier. His friends and family thought he may have strayed into hostile territory nearby as sometimes happens.

The boy also remembered the full name of his killer. When he confronted this man, the alleged killer’s face turned white, Lasch told Hardo, but he did not admit to murder. The boy then said he could take the elders to where the body was buried. In that very spot, they found a man’s skeleton with a wound to the head that corresponded to the boy’s birthmark. They also found the axe, the murder weapon.

Faced with this evidence, the murderer admitted to the crime. Dr. Lasch, the only non-Druze, was present through this whole process.