Testimonials from Regression Clients


Carol, my past life session with you was one of the most fun, helpful things I’ve ever done.  It’s one thing to have a medium tell you about a past life, but entirely different to see and feel it for yourself.  WOW!_—T.H., Pennsylvania

 I met with you last month and did a session.  As you know, I was a little skeptical about it, not feeling that I was really hypnotized, because I was not seeing any images, like people say in the books.  But, you told me that the feelings that come up in the session are really more important than seeing a lot of images.

I am so happy to let you know that my fear of losing my husband, which was the reason I came to see you, has diminished about 70%.  I am not fearful as I was before we did the session.  This past weekend my husband got stuck in traffic for 14 hours due to bad weather.  For once, I was calm and not distracted by catastrophic thoughts of losing him, which I would have felt in the past. I feel a great weight has been lifted from my chest, and I feel peace within me.  A big thank you!

—A.M.,  Virginia

Thank you so much for helping me to remember and experience the abandonments in my past lives.  Healing those old wounds and remembering the strength I possessed in those lives, and then realizing the strength I possess now, has quite simply changed my life!  I am no longer concerned with what anyone thinks of me.  I live life for myself.  I am more sure of myself.  I know who I am now, and because I no longer fear abandonment, or abandoning anyone else, I am free to always be myself.  Thank you for the healing.

—K.M.,  Delaware

I have to say the experience was nothing like I expected.  The result of it is also surprisingly subtle, maybe how you feel when you shift a piece of furniture just a small distance so its placement is correct, when before you thought you had to change everything in the room.  I feel calmer, my emotions are more controlled, and I feel less tortured.  Thank you!

–B.C., Pennsylvania

I came to you for help because I had terrible headaches.  Even though it was difficult for me to believe that what I experienced in those two past lives was real, the result has been very real and amazing.  I went from having five severe headaches a week to maybe five a month—and none of them nearly as severe as before the regression.  I still ponder the two different past-life situations and see more and more how they connect to my current situation, of feeling abandoned and deserted.  Seeing those lives makes me grateful that I am in a much better situation in this life.  I wanted to thank you for your help, and let you know that the session has made a huge difference in my life and left quite an impact.

      –M.A., New Jersey

Carol, I thank you again for changing my life for the better on July 24, 2013. Up until that date I had been living a life of misery, well hidden from others, but misery nonetheless.  After the regression, which you guided me through so masterfully, the misery vanished.  Completely vanished.  It was such an immense relief.  I can only liken the experience to having worn a painfully tight straightjacket for 58 years and having it suddenly removed. For the first time in my life, I don’t want to end my life.  Now, four weeks after the regression, I am becoming a joyous and highly creative being.  I can tell these feelings are going to continue to grow.

—L.C.,  Pennsylvania  

I just wanted to let you know that the eating issues we discussed have greatly changed.  I noticed after my session that I no longer needed to eat for comfort.  Although the regression was intense, it was a breakthrough for me and I was able to release a lot of deep pain, which was the cause of my over-eating.  My life has changed for the better as a result of our session.  Thank you so much!

—R.S.,  New Jersey

For more than forty years I struggled with agoraphobia, terrified to leave my house.  My whole family suffered because of my phobias.  After years of therapy and trying different medications, I reached out to you because I was desperate to live my life without fear.  I was so grateful when you agreed to travel to work with me, since I couldn’t drive to see you. In the regression, I saw that my fears went further back than childhood to a past life.  After the session, my life changed.  The regression flipped a switch somewhere inside me, and the fears went away.  I am certain that the regression healed me, because of all the years I had tried traditional therapy and meds, and I still had panic attacks and couldn’t leave home. Carol, I can’t thank you enough for giving me my life back.

—D.S., Pennsylvania

For the past thirty years I had recurring nightmares a few times a week.  Since the regression, I haven’t had the nightmare once, and it’s been several years now. When we did the regression to a past life, I could finally understand what my nightmares were all about.  I could release the guilt I still felt from the traumatic lifetime that kept coming up in my nightmares. Thank you for helping me understand how that past life experience was still haunting me in my dreams.  Now it all makes perfect sense.

—E.B., New York

My regression session with you was one of the best, most enlightening experiences in my whole life.  I can’t thank you enough for helping me make sense of my difficult childhood.  I feel so much peace about it now.

—R.C.,  North Carolina

I did a session with you some months ago, and I just realized that since the session, I haven’t had one migraine!  I would usually get one at least a couple times a month.  We weren’t really focusing on that in my session, it was more about my fear of failure.  But, as a result of the session, I feel more confident and my migraines have gone away.  I never expected that to happen.

—C.R., Pennsylvania

I have been suffering from separation anxiety for as long as I can remember.   I’ve been told that I was around 4 years old when I first started showing real symptoms. I could never leave my mom without fits of crying and I would often fake illness to avoid school and stay home with her.  I did some therapy when I was younger.  But with leaving for college soon, I was gripped with anxiety, and needed to do something. In my session I saw that my separation anxiety was from being a mother in WWII who had to send her children to another country to protect them.  I died in the War, but my children survived.  You helped me see that in my present life with my present mother I keep re-living that moment of separation from my children. Within several days of our session, even though I was still nervous for college, I began to have a real sense of calm.  Now, a few months later, I could never have imagined, after 14 years of acute panic attacks and constant fear, that I would be this happy 800 miles away from my mother.  It is the best gift I have been given and I owe it to you, Carol and your past life therapy.

—K. S., Pennsylvania

The session you did with me was more than I ever could have imagined, and I’m still digesting it.  I feel more calm now, and let things roll off my back instead of bothering me, as they used to.  My head is a lot quieter, and each day I feel more relaxed.

—M.S.,  Maryland

I was sexually abused for most of my childhood.  I could never understand why I had to suffer and be victimized.  I did years of therapy to try to come to terms with my life. I saw in my past life that I was a soldier, a killing machine, during WWII.  I died feeling very guilty for what I had done. After the past life death, I felt that I could finally forgive myself for being that soldier, and I no longer had to be a victim to make amends for what I had done.  The moment I realized this, I felt a new lightness in my heart and in my whole being.  I felt it was okay to allow joy into my life, that I deserved it.  I felt that pieces of my soul that had fragmented and split off in that lifetime, due to tragic, sad circumstances, were ready to come home, to be fully resolved, healed and embraced.

—L.V.,  Pennsylvania

We did a regression some months ago.  You were my last hope to do something about the chronic bursitis in my right shoulder. In the regression I saw that I was shot in my right shoulder and died worrying about my children.  I wanted to let you know that after the regression, my bursitis completely cleared up. That one session did more than any medical testing and treatments I had over the years.  I can’t thank you enough.

—H.P., New York