Chronic pain relief

Here's an example of what can happen as a result of a past life regression. This is from one of my adult clients:

"As you may remember I did two regressions in Nov, 2006 and Feb, 2007. Both of these have made dramatic changes in my life. I had decided to do past life regression because I had a short, very vivid vision, in the middle of the day, of being hit in the middle of my back with a tomahawk. Since I was having an ongoing intense pain in my back in that area, which had suddenly appeared about a year before and could not find relief, I made an appointment.

"In that first regression, I did not regress to the tomahawk incident, but instead went to a cold , damp debtor's prison in England in the 18th century where a woman and two children were near death from starvation. In watching from above, but feeling the woman's thoughts, I knew I was this woman- Catherine- who had been abandoned and had not able to provide for her children. She was dying and feeling very, very sad and especially guilty for the circumstances. It developed that she was also pregnant and she and all three children died as I watched. I slowly moved away from the images and came forward in time,  back to this time. In talking over the regression with you, I could see how this past life had impacted my present life. I have always been a rescuer of people with problems and tried to help, often to the expense of my own health.

"In the weeks that followed, I had many more insights and understanding as to why I am the person I am,  and why I respond to situations as I do. But something was still nagging at my mind and at my back.

I came for another regression in February and this time I immediately regressed to a log cabin in New York in early 1800s.  I was dying, alone, from a tomahawk wound. My husband and two children had been killed by the Indian attack. Again ,as in the first regression, I was dying and feeling very guilty because I had been the one who wanted to move from the civilized regions to the frontier and my family had been slaughtered because of my choices. This time, however, as I looked down on this scene and understood this woman's thoughts, I had three figures beside me- the deceased husband and two children on his other side. Without speaking, I knew that he did not hold his wife responsible and only loved her. With your guidance, I realized that this person was indeed my present husband and one of the children was my grandson.

"As you can imagine, these events have had a profound effect on my thoughts and attitudes, and the back pain has totally disappeared! I have become more comfortable with myself."