Life Between Life

An important part of the past life regression session occurs after going through the past life “death,” and into a virtual after-life experience.  No matter what was recalled in the past life story, going through the death is a distinct shift in consciousness—an altered state within an altered state of consciousness.  You experience yourself as a soul consciousness, outside of time and detached from your past or present personality. In this superconscious state, many surprising things can happen:

You can objectively review the past life just experienced, and gain a sense of understanding of lessons learned in that lifetime, and what thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations may have carried forward from that life into the present.   If more than one lifetime is recalled during the session, general soul patterns can be observed, shedding tremendous insight into where you've been and where you're  going in your journey through incarnations.

Some people move into a highly energetic state where they experience healing energies coming into their bodies, imbuing information, love, and understanding.  These energies may be experienced as orbs, colors, and other amorphous forms.  Or, the energy can take on the form of spiritual beings who give guidance and answer questions.  Groups of souls may appear and act as agents of teaching and healing.  This type of healing usually occurs spontaneously, without any prompting from me.  These healings have been described by clients as one of the most significant, life-affirming events of their lives.  For some, it is the first time they've experienced absolute peace and unconditional love.

In this state of soul consciousness, deceased relatives can suddenly make contact both viscerally and telepathically.  A presence is felt in the room.  Their forms are recognizable.  I encourage these telepathic dialogues, because I believe there is a reason why these loved ones show up during a session.  For those who experience this contact, they are left with a sense of wonder and often relief, deeply knowing that their loved ones are present.

This extraordinary state of consciousness has been described by mystics, near-death experiencers, and past life therapists for more than forty years.  Pioneers such as Dr. Joel Whitton of Canada and Dr. Michael Newton of California have documented this after-life state in their books.  Dr. Joel Whitton described this state of consciousness during regression therapy in his ground-breaking book, Life Between Life, in 1986.  In recent years, Dr. Newton has refined techniques for delving more deeply into the “life between life” realm, and describes his clients’ experiences in his amazing books, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls.

I am trained and certified in Dr. Newton’s techniques.

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