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This is the gateway page for the Reincarnation Forum, also known as the Past Life Forum.

The Forum is the oldest and largest reincarnation forum on the planet!

  • active since 1997
  • over 90,000 posts carefully culled, archived and available for search and research
  • over 150 new posts per day


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The Past Life Forum is a rich and valuable resource for anyone interested in any aspect of past lives and reincarnation.  You can delve into discussions on any topic related to:

  • reincarnation and past lives
  • children's past lives
  • same-family reincarnation
  • the scientific basis for reincarnation
  • past life regression
  • past life dreams
  • personal reincarnational memories


The Forum is free.  Registration is not required to read messages, but it is required to post new messages.  Registration takes a few seconds.

Free of Trash

Thanks to the best and hardest-working moderating team on the planet, threads in the Past Life Forum are kept pure and on topic.  It is free of ads, spam, flames, or any of the annoying stuff that has plagued and defeated so many other discussion groups on the Internet.

Open Minded

The Past Life Forum encourages all points of view.  It is not affiliated with any religion or philosophy.  It is sponsored by Carol Bowman, author of Children’s' Past Lives and Return from Heaven—two books grounded in an empirical approach to reincarnation.

The moderators work to keep every discussion on topic, while encouraging different points of view and different levels of discourse.  Some of the threads are very personal, some very analytical, some bizarre, and some just plain fun.  All are on topic (more or less) and explore some aspect of reincarnation, past lives, and related spiritual questions.

Sanctuary for Children’s Past Life Memories

The Past Life Forum is the only place we know of on the Internet that offers a safe and supportive environment for parents and grandparents to ask questions and get informed answers about children who appear to be remembering a past life.  This was the original reason Carol and Steve Bowman created the Forum in 1997.  And although it’s grown to cover the full gamut of reincarnation topics, Carol and Steve and the moderating team still place the highest priority on welcoming and helping families who have questions and stories to share about their children.

Our strict privacy policy and up-do-date security precautions keep your personal information safe from being exploited by anybody.  Therefore, we DO NOT allow solicitation of cases by the media.  We are often asked by TV producers for permission to contact members to use their cases for TV.  That is up to you, of course, if you want to do that. But we want to keep the Forum safe and anonymous so we have a stated policy that does not allow for that type of solicitation directly from the Forum. Our moderators are very protective.

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How to Join

We recommend you start by clicking through to the main page of the Forum and perusing some of the threads.  You don’t have to be a member to read messages.  When you’re ready to join, click on “register” in the header.

We suggest newcomers begin by reading the Reincarnation FAQ.  The FAQ has a sample of some of the best threads from the past and it answers the most common questions.

Member Supported

The Past Life Forum is volunteer-run and member-supported. It’s a labor of love because it’s so important to provide a safe place to discuss new ideas. If you find it valuable, please helps us with a donation.

Welcome to the Past Life Forum!  We hope you join, become a regular member, and participate often.