Nightmare from the Past

One client came to me because she was haunted by recurring nightmares that had begun in childhood and continued to bother her into her forties. These nightmares were always the same: She was surrounded by a group of children; she was telling them to be quiet, feeling that she had to protect them from some looming danger.  She would awaken feeling very frightened and bad. We focused on these dream fragments in the regression and here's what she experienced:

She saw herself as a sixteen-year-old boy in poor clothing, in a ravaged, devastated landscape. She felt it was in Italy. She said that a priest had entrusted a group of 10 children to this boy, who was charged with hiding the children in a bombed out church. Some of the children were whimpering, and they were found. The boy was tortured to death; as he died, he felt guilty about not fulfilling his duty to protect the children. When my client  went through the past life death in that altered state, she realized that as that boy, he had made the ultimate sacrifice of giving his life for the sake of the other children.  My client was finally able to release the guilt that she had carried into this lifetime, which came up in her dreams of her life as that boy at the time of his traumatic death.

This client reported that after the regression, she never had the nightmares again.

Sometimes  past life dreams are clues to unresolved issues that have carried forward into our current lives. By using  dream images and feelings as an entry into the unconscious, and bringing up the past life memory, these unfinished feelings  can be resolved.