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Past Life Exploration and Discovery

Have you lived before?  Are you curious about past lives and reincarnation?

I'm Carol Bowman, past life therapist and reincarnation researcher.   

To me reincarnation is not an abstract religious concept or a philosophy. It's a natural phenomenon. Understanding the connection between past lives and present reality leads to profound personal benefits, both spiritual and practical. 

This website is where you can learn about past life regression and make an appointment for a regression. You can also learn about children's past lives, a topic I've studied and written about in two books.

I have been a practicing past life therapist, doing regression therapy with adults since 1989. I conduct private sessions here in my third-floor office in my home in Media, PA. These are full therapy sessions, not past-life readings.

Carol Bowman

Carol Bowman

Follow the Past Life Regression link for information about regression therapy with adults and teens. Use this to decide if you want to make an appointment with me for a private session.

Hear what past clients have said about their experience, in the Testimonials page.

The link Children's Past Lives takes you to an introduction to my research of the spontaneous past life memories of very young children. Read excerpts from my books, Children’s Past Lives, and, Return from Heaven, which are published around the world in 22 languages.

If you want to dig deeper, I've put articles and excerpts in the Library section.

Past Life Forum is the oldest and largest reincarnation discussion forum on the Internet.  My husband, Steve, and I started it in 1997.  Our hard-working, volunteer moderators keep the tone of the discussions civil and on-topic.  It's a sanctuary where parents can share and ask questions about their own kids' past life memories.  You'll find thousands of threads covering questions of past life regression therapy, and reincarnation research and speculation, in addition to hundreds of cases of children's memories.

Join us in exploring this true mystery.