Body memory

Physical marks, deformities, or symptoms on a body can correspond to past life fatal wounds, injuries, or disease.  This is an intriguing story I just received:

When my daughter was about three years old we drove by the hospital where she was born. I said, "Look, you were born there. She replied, "Yes, I know.  I was shot, a policeman brought me there, I died, and then I was born!"   At the time I just said,  "I'm glad you're my baby,"  and dropped it.   We talked about it here and there, but didn't focus on it.

A few months ago, about four months after her 16th birthday, she saw that she had round, light grey marks on her chest between her breasts.Because it didn't itch, and was not bothering her in any way besides the discoloration, we didn't focus on it.  For about two weeks after the marks appeared, when we went out for our family walks in our high end, very safe neighborhood, she would get this overwhelming fear that someone was waiting in a car to shoot at her, and us.  My husband and I let her know we were as safe as could be. Soon after she mentioned the marks to me and her fear of being shot, the marks began to disappear.  It seemed the marks were going away as her fear of harm was.

Sometimes, a fatal, traumatic injury can leave its traces in a future life as birthmarks, birth defects, or other physical symptoms  on the new body. Dr. Ian Stevenson wrote extensively about these physical links between lives in his tome, Reincarnation and Biology.

I know from working with children's spontaneous memories that in rare cases once a child talks about a traumatic past life death, and expresses the emotions around the death, physical symptoms relating to the death can clear up.  When my son was five years old, he recalled a battlefield death when he had been wounded in the wrist; after talking about it, a chronic eczema on that same wrist, which had not responded to medical treatment, cleared up completely. There are many documented cases (including my own) of physical symptoms clearing up after the past life story is recalled, expressed, and "processed".

This story above could be a similar case.  Although the marks were not present at birth, as they are in some cases, this child recalled her past life death of being shot at age three.   (Most likely, she was shot in the chest.) When the body memory surfaced at age sixteen, the fear about her traumatic death surfaced at the same time. Perhaps she died in her previous life around the age of sixteen. There's no way to know for sure without more specific details. But the fact that the marks disappeared after she talked about her fear, and was reassured by her parents that she is now safe, makes me think that these marks were related to the past life death she remembered at age three.