Children's Past Lives by Carol Bowman
Children's Past Lives by Carol Bowman

"An outstanding and courageous book filled with fascinating case stories. This book is truly important because children are trying to tell us about their past lives and we must not remain deaf."- Brian Weiss, author of the best-selling Many Lives, Many Masters

"....This book argues passionately for the existence of past lives and for the special abilities of young children to recall their pre-birth memories."Publishers Weekly


Children's past life memories is a natural phenomenon. It happens all the time.

Very young children-some as young as two-make spontaneous statements about a past life. The families are convinced the statements are genuine because the children reveal information they couldn't have possibly learned any other way. And they sometimes exhibit behaviors, such as phobias, that correspond exactly to the past life statements.

Children's past life memories can be found in all parts of the world and in all cultures. Their appearance is not affected by the family's religious beliefs because many of these children are from families that do not believe in reincarnation.

It can happen to any one. But most people don't see when it happens right under their noses because that don't know that children's past life memories are even possible and they don't know what to look for. If they do see it in their child, they worry that it's too weird, don't know how to respond to their child, and are afraid to mention it to anyone outside the family.

The book Children's Past Lives …

Children's Past Lives, by Carol Bowman, has broken through the mystery and sets the record straight. First published in 1997 by Bantam Books and still in print in paperback, it was the first mainstream book to identify and explain the phenomenon of children's past life memories. It's based on solid research and is full of cases and stories to show what a past life memory looks and sounds like.

Children's Past Lives is really two books in one: a memoir of Carol's discoveries after she witnessed past life memories in her own two children, and a guidebook for parents. In 2001 she published a follow-up book, Return from Heaven, which explores cases of children's past life memory in the same family.


Chase Bowman at the age he had his first past life memories (described in the opening of Chapter 1). Children's Past Lives is packed with fascinating stories and cases—all different, all true. The first story is Carol's own, and tells how she accidentally discovered children's past life memories when her own two children had past life experiences and were cured of persistent phobias.

But the book is more than just stories. Carol goes well beyond the simple fact that children spontaneously remember past lives. She draws lessons and patterns from the cases. Adding insights from past life therapists, research scientists, and ancient spiritual texts, she organizes what she has learned into the principles of children's past life memories. She outlines practical guidelines that parents and anybody who works closely with children can use to identify and respond to children's past life memories.

To give you a sample of the richness and variety of Children's Past Lives, Carol has selected short excerpts from each chapter and put them here to ponder. They're listed in the Table of Contents below and in the menu to the right of each excerpt.

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Table of Contents and Excerpts

Children's Past Lives


Chapter 1 Chase and Sarah

Chapter 2 Prelude

Chapter 3 Musings on the Playground

Chapter 4 The Moment of Death

Chapter 5 Trance is Easy

Chapter 6 Dr. Ian Stevenson

Chapter 7 Children's Past Life Memories

Chapter 8 Blake

Chapter 9 Presto, Chicago


Chapter 10 The Four Signs

Chapter 11 Triggers

Chapter 12 What A Parent Can Do

Chapter 13 Dreaming Up the Past


Chapter 14 Adults and Their Religions

Chapter 15 Death is a Revolving Door

Chapter 16 See Children Differently