Excerpt from Children's Past Lives

Children's Past Lives by Carol Bowman

Chapter 13:   Dreaming Up the Past

Some nightmares are past life memories screaming to be healed. As with waking past life memories, these past life dreams that we hear about are usually a manifestation of unfinished business from the past, of a trauma or violent death that is begging to be brought up to the light and resolved. What a difference it makes in our response if we look at nightmares as opportunities to heal past life trauma still gripping the child.

This is an important difference. If past life nightmares are not recognized and resolved, they can cause fears, insomnia, low self esteem, and other problems into adulthood. This is why parents must stop responding to nightmares the old fashioned way—by brushing them off with "You’ll be OK", by dismissing them as "just a dream" (implying, too, that the dreaming reality has no meaning), or by trying to prove in a patronizing way that no monsters are in the closet or boogeymen under the bed. Never make light of your child’s nightmares! Instead, approach every nightmare as a possible past life dream and an opportunity for healing. See the terror not as the problem, but as a symptom of a troubling past life that needs to be understood and resolved.


Read two cases of past life dreams that were edited out of the final version of this chapter: "Venderswagens" and Cindy Night Eyes.