Excerpt from Children's Past Lives

Children's Past Lives by Carol Bowman

Chapter 9:   Presto, Chicago

Suddenly, I was keenly aware of everything around me. My mind was sharp. My legs stopped shaking, and my breathing calmed. I felt centered and ready for anything. I knew what I had to do. I stepped onto the stage and sat down.

Oprah walked in, filling the air with her awesome voltage which sparked and arced, lacing through everyone in the room. The audience instantly came under her spell and exploded with adoring applause and cheers. She smiled and waved, and then came directly to the stage and sat down across from Chase and me. She chatted and joked to put us at ease. Technicians adjusted our mikes and big cameras rolled into position on the floor.

Sitting knee to knee with Oprah, I could feel her high-spirits and expansive energy. She seemed to be genuinely happy to see us and eager to hear what we had to say.