Past Life Therapy Training, April 2020

I'm offering a  3-day intensive training to teach past life regression therapy. This training is open only to practicing therapists, hypnotherapists, counselors, and health care professionals who intend to use past life therapy with their clients. I teach the past life therapy methods I've learned from pioneers in the field  and perfected over the last 30 years. 

Date and Location

April 17-19, 2020

The location is beautiful and secluded Temenos Retreat Center near West Chester, PA, 19382,  a 55 minute drive from the Philadelphia International Airport.

The cost for the three day training is $1500, which includes lunches, but does not include over-night accommodations. See below for more information on accommodations and registration.

This is intense, personalized, hands-on training. Enrollment is limited to 14 people. 

Description of the Training

I will demonstrate at least two regression sessions with participants.  I will teach you the steps of past life therapy:  finding the client's core patterns, induction techniques for accessing past life memories by using an affect bridge, how to guide the session, and how to help a client integrate the past life material and relate it to their present life.  You will receive a manual, written by me (unpublished and unavailable anywhere else), which covers the basics of past life therapy and is the outline for the training.  My approach has evolved over the years, as I trained in many different styles of regression therapy, with the pioneers in the field.  After trying many different techniques that I've learned, I've found that using an affect bridge--having a client focus on present-life core feelings and thoughts--is a direct line into a relevant past life experience, and can be a source of healing and understanding.

Because it is a small class, there will be an opportunity for you to practice these techniques with a participant, and for you to be regressed by a participant, with some supervision by me and an experienced assistant.   There will be ample time for questions and discussion after the practice sessions.

Scroll down to read the testimonials from participants in other trainings.

The training begins at 9:30 each day, and finishes by 5:00, and by 4:30 on Sunday.  Evenings are free for dinner in nearby West Chester.  Commuters are welcome!

Temenos Retreat Center and Accommodations


Temenos is situated on 56 wooded acres in historic Chester County, an hour west of Philadelphia, PA.  We have access to the entire main building--which includes the great room where the training takes place, and guest bedrooms, which will also be used for the practice sessions.

There are a limited number of double and single rooms available at Temenos. The price for a single room is $110/night; a double is $70/night each.  Breakfast is included in the price of the room.   These rooms are available for two nights only--Friday and Saturday.

If you don't stay at Temenos, there are hotels and Bed & Breakfasts in the West Chester area, within a short drive to Temenos. Chester County is beautiful, with rolling hills, woodlands, horse farms, and homesteads and villages from the 19th and 18th centuries. It's a short drive to world-famous Longwood Gardens, hiking, and canoeing on the Brandywine River. The Brandywine Battlefield (1777)  is a few miles away too. Consider arriving early, or staying a few extra days to explore the area.



To register for the training, or if you have any questions, please email me at, or call me at 610-566-3870.  

I must talk to you before accepting you into the training.

At the time of registration, a $200 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a place for you.  The balance  is due on March 1, 2020.  There will be no refunds on the balance of the training fee and the accommodations fee after March 1st.  Accommodations to stay at Temenos are made through me, not the Retreat Center.

I am taking reservations now. After I've talked to you, please send your checks made out to 'Carol Bowman' to:  145 Latches Lane, Media, PA 19063. 

Books for Training

I've compiled a list of books I highly recommend for everybody who plans to train with me. There is only one required reading in preparation for the class: a few chapters in Mark Wolynn's book, which you'll find on the list, on finding the "core language."  We will be using a "core language" approach in accessing past life memories in the training.  If you aren't doing the training, but want to read about past life therapy, you'll find these books helpful.

Click here to go to the list of books. Click on the images on that page and you can buy the books on

Testimonials from Past Life Therapy Training

All of these testimonials are from those who attended previous trainings:

I would like to thank Carol for an incredible training. I am an alternative therapist and I try to grow my work a little more every year in depth and understanding in what I bring to my clients and my own healing. But I must say this training was like pushing a fast forward button.

The intimacy of the small group, the beautiful energy of the setting at Temenos, and especially Carol’s generous and compassionate nature, provided me with just what I need as a therapist. It was the hands-on experience that allowed for true integration. We were able to watch Carol work, and then to practice these techniques on each other in a safe environment and under her personal guidance. What I came away with are specific techniques, invaluable tools—things that can’t be found in any book. And she continues to provide support even after the training has ended.

Thank you again, Carol. I look forward to attending another training with you soon!

—Diane Goergen, MS, LCAT, LMT; Rochester, NY

The Past Life Regression Training was so powerful for me because the energy of the small group setting gave me so many opportunities to share the synergy of everything I have learned to date. Carol’s techniques, our collective energies, and the tranquil setting of Temenos empowered all of us to move forward in the direction of our dreams. I have been practicing the techniques with great results.I look forward to taking another training with you to hone my skills. Thank you for all you do to help us grow personally and professionally.-- Carole Louie, Richmond, Virginia

I want to thank you for finally teaching a PLRT training class! I have always been a fan of your technique and was thrilled to have the opportunity to study with you.I attended the program with expectations of learning how to assist others with healing of issues/patterns that could be stemming from a past life experience. The program lived up to every expectation! Additionally, I left the training feeling quite healed myself. I certainly got my money’s worth!

Since your training, I have found success utilizing core patterns and an affect bridge—they are very powerful tools to access pertinent past lives. Your guidance and direction during the training regressions that we conducted were invaluable. More importantly, you provided thorough instruction regarding how to process the space after death, where so much of the healing occurs.I was truly a fabulous experience. Thanks again, and please count me in for the next training. Can’t wait to do it again!—Stacey Schott, Connecticut

I attended the past life therapy training with Carol Bowman in May 2016. I was most impressed with Carol’s approach to PLT using affect bridging techniques. As a psychotherapist, I am excited to start working in this way because it addresses very real issues in the client’s life and provides an impetus for healing.It was such a valuable opportunity to learn from Carol’s sharing all her experience. Her teaching style is direct and clear as well as personal and engaging. It has been a great opportunity to learn PLT that is both professional and reliable. I can imagine a time when Carol’s affect bridging approach to PLT will be fully integrated into the provision of mental healthcare.I look forward to more training with Carol.—Karen Hammond Brown, MA, LPC, Boone, NC

The training with Carol was outstanding. I’m so glad I attended. Thank you so much for the regression session. It was very revealing, and answered many questions I had struggled with.I have used the affect bridging with a few clients with excellent results. It is a powerful and effective way to quickly move the client into a past life.—Charles Carroll, EdD, NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist; Florida

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful training. I can’t believe how much peace I am experiencing since then. It’s just incredible.I’ve been practicing what I learned—I’ve had a few very successful regressions with friends since then. They were very pleased with my work and keep reporting that they have so much more insight into their core issues, and are now much happier.I just wanted to thank you again for so generously sharing with us what you have spent your entire life to perfect.—Leyla Safavi, MFT, Pennsylvania

I’m a trained hypnotherapist and I was looking forward to learning from you and your years of using affect bridging in your practice. I really am so glad I made the decision to attend the training.The incorporation of the personal history with the affect bridge gave me a new perspective. It opened my eyes to a new way to expose the patterns that thread through a person’s lives. I had seen it before, but now I see it differently. More clearly, more simply. What I observed has changed the way I go about my sessions, and has given me a powerful tool to get to the heart of the issues. I’m loving the results and so glad I went. I know many years of hard work went into this and so I thank you for sharing your knowledge so openly.—Richard Holder, Fort Worth, Texas

Workshops and Lectures 

Carol Bowman speaking in Boston

Carol Bowman speaking in Boston

Over the last thirty years I've spoken and given workshops and trainings in all parts of the United States, Europe and South America. I speak about past life regression therapy with adults as well as children's past life memories. Most importantly, I show the vital connection between children's spontaneous memories and the healing power of adults’ past life recall.

Once a year I hold an intensive workshop to teach therapists the art of past life regression. 

Invite Carol to speak or teach 

If you would like me to give a talk or do a workshop for your group, please contact me. I do charge speaker fees. Fees are very reasonable if the talk is within an hour’s drive of Media, PA, (most of the greater Philadelphia area). Or we can make arrangements for traveling to your community or country.