Share Cases of Children's Past Life Memories

If you know of a child—your own son or daughter, perhaps, or a niece, nephew or grandchild—who you believe has spoken of a past life, you can share it with us.

There are two ways you can share a case:

One is to email Carol, or send a message to her using the form below. She looks at all the email sent to her, though she doesn't have time to respond to every one. She does try to respond to each case, at least to acknowledge she saw it. If she wants to know more, she'll contact you and possibly set up a telephone interview.

The other way to share a case is to post it in the Past Life Forum. If you post your case on the Forum, you will find you get a quick response from people who know what you're talking about. Your case doesn't have to be full of strong evidence to be shared on the Forum. The Forum is the place to discuss any kind of hint or feeling of a past life, in you or your child--and anything else related to reincarnation and past lives.

If a case you post on the Forum is something Carol might be able to use in her research after all, she'll find out about it and will contact you (if you leave your email address).

What kind of cases to send?

Send any account you have of a child remembering a past life. As you can see in Children's Past Lives, some cases consist only of sketchy or isolated comments. On the other hand, some children speak constantly of their past life. Some children say little, but are profoundly changed as a result. Some cases involve dreams of the child or the mother. We're interested in all kinds. (We are not, however, interested in cases of purely adult recall of past lives; the case must involve a child or a childhood memory, somehow.)

We're particularly excited to hear of memories that have corresponding behavior or phobias, or nightmares or physical problems. If the case is still current, Carol may be able to counsel the parents and help steer the child to a resolution of a problem. Cases that involve healing are very powerful proof that these memories are beneficial and real.

We are also interested in children who remember events that happened before they were conceived, or have striking memories of heaven. Cases involving psychic awareness of the mother, or past life stories that appear in dreams can be valuable too.

How much detail to send to Carol?

We can only use cases for our research that have strong evidence and a lot of detail, like the ones in Carol's two books. (Cases with less detail are best for the Forum.)

If your child has said a great deal, you can summarize the gist of the comments in a brief email to Carol. Indicate that the child has said more, and she will contact you if she thinks she can use it. She may ask to interview the mother on the telephone so she can assemble the entire story, including things that you may not have thought were significant.

In any event, always write down as much as you can of what the child said, as close as possible to the time the child said it. This is mostly for your own benefit, so you will have a record for years to come of what happened (See the section Post Script: Write it Down near the end of the chapter "What a Parent Can Do" in Children's Past Lives).

If possible, try to capture the child speaking of the memory with a tape recorder or video camera. This provides the best evidence possible of a real past life memory.

If you have a strong case and are willing to appear on TV, we are very interested in hearing from you.

We Need Children to Appear on TV !!

We need cases of young children who recently remembered a past life, or who have been recently changed by remembering a past life, to go on TV. We have radio and TV producers—some from the biggest national news programs and the better talk shows—that are ready and eager to broadcast segments about Children's Past Lives and about children's past lives in general if we can find children who are willing to be filmed for television. Carol got on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1994 because her own children, Chase and Sarah, were willing to be filmed; but Chase and Sarah are grown up now.

The child does not necessarily have to be able to re-create the memory on TV. The parents can tell the story while the TV simply shows pictures of the child. Home videos of a child expressing a memory would be extremely valuable.

Or, if there is some reason the child can't appear on TV (too young is a good reason), it would still work if one or both parents would be willing to be filmed TV talking about the child.

If you are willing to share your case in this way to give the greatest benefit to the most people, please email Carol immediately. The filming would be done either in the home or in a studio in L.A., Chicago, or New York, depending on the format of the program. The networks pay expenses for the people involved, including parents.

Finding children to appear on TV would help us spread the news about children's past life memories to millions of parents, making them aware that their own child might be having similar memories.